Individual Mac OS X and Windows 7/8/10 notebook computers

Item IDItem NameDescription
187ETL Book 111Lenovo ThinkPad T540P (with SSD)
163ETLBook 101Windows OS laptop
164ETLBook 102Windows OS laptop
165ETLBook 103Windows OS laptop
166ETLBook 104Windows OS laptop
167ETLBook 105Macbook Pro with Windows OS
181ETLBook 106Toshiba Laptop, Windows OS, SSD
182ETLBook 107Toshiba Laptop, Windows OS, SSD
168Macbook 201Macbook laptop running MacOS
169Macbook 202Macbook laptop running MacOS
170Macbook 203Macbook laptop running MacOS
171Macbook 204Macbook laptop running MacOS
176Macbook 205Macbook laptop running MacOS
177Macbook 206Macbook laptop running MacOS
186Macbook 207Macbook laptop running MacOS
188Macbook 208Macbook laptop running MacOS

LCD Projectors & Pocket Projectors

LCD/DLP/LED Video projectors

Item IDItem NameDescription
146PICO 1
147PICO 2
148PICO 3
149PICO 4
138Projector 1
139Projector 2
140Projector 3
143Projector 4
142Projector 5
144Projector 6
145Projector 7

Mobile Labs

19 Notebook computers and an LCD Projector in one cart

Item IDItem NameDescription
172Mobile Lab Cart 110 Windows Laptops, 10 Macbook Pros


Individual iPads available for reservation by faculty and staff who would like to experiment with blackboard collaborate and other software for iPads.

Item IDItem NameDescription
150iPad 1
156iPad 10
151iPad 3
152iPad 5
153iPad 6
154iPad 8
155iPad 9

Cameras & Camcorders

Digital video and still cameras, presentation cameras

Item IDItem NameDescription
183Dukane 1Presentation Camera
184Dukane 2Presentation Camera
185Elmo 1Presentation Camera


Kit containing speakers, necessary cables, and a carrying bag

Item IDItem NameDescription
129Speaker 101Small Speaker
130Speaker 102Small Speaker
131Speaker 103Small Speaker
132Speaker 104Small Speaker
133Speaker 105Small Speaker
141Speaker 106Small Speaker
180Speaker 107Small Speaker
134Speaker 201Big Speaker
135Speaker 202Big Speaker


Snowballs, Conference Mics

Item IDItem NameDescription
179Microphone 1Computer USB microphone
178Wireless Mic 12 piece portable wireless microphone system, transmitter and receiver


Olympus digital dictaphone/voice recorder

Item IDItem NameDescription
175Sony Voice RecorderICD-P17
174WalkmanSony cassette-corder, record and playback cassettes, 2x record time, flat mic, voice operated recording, speed control

Cables and Adapters

Video adapters for Apple laptops

Item IDItem NameDescription

Telepresence Robot

Conference or meeting robot for remote presence using Skype, Facetime, etc.

Item IDItem NameDescription


Handheld clicker for flipping through presentation slides

Item IDItem NameDescription
173Clicker 1Logitech